The Fall 52 Day Challenge starts this Wednesday. I wanted to revamp my present workout and get moving again. My sciatica has abated – for the most part and my wife is independent at the gym for her 40+ minutes of cardio. So – it is my turn to focus on me.

I’ve done one complete run through of this 3 day a week program.  Here is the Phase 16 Log I carry around on my clip board.  Yep – I’m one of those guys, recording everything.  If I don’t – how will I know what weights to lift or reps to do.  I need to record my progress so that I can constantly challenge myself.

This workout is my “re-working” of the template in the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises modified according to  what I learned in HIAH.

I will do this for 8-12 weeks and then re-vamp it again.

Let me know what you think of it and how you would modify it.