Today i s Day 1 of the Fall 2014 52 Day Challenge. You still have time to Sign Up.  Try it – you will like it.

We got to the Gym by 6:15am.  While my wife did 40+ minutes of Cardio, I did Workout B of my DIY Phase 16 Log workout.   Good times.

The warm up and stretching routine I picked up while battling sciatica is now a permanent fixture for every morning.  Don’t want to mess with what works.

The chin-ups with leg lifts are going well.  I enjoy doing them since so many can’t do them.  Yes – I know – my ego is getting ahead of me.  So what.

Back to doing Dead Lifts – increased the weight to 120 on the bar.  Next workout will go up to 130.  Just keep on keep’n on.

The weighted dips are going well with a 25 pound plate.  Not going to increase the weight until I can do 10 clean dips.

Goblet Squats at 55 will increase to 60.

Cuban Presses are now up to 20 pound DBs.  Amazing – considering I started with 2.5 pound DBs.  I do these mainly for shoulder re/pre-hab.

I only had time for one set of 50 push-ups.  I’m going to do the rest at home this evening – if I remember.  Probably will limit myself to the 5,200 set for this Challenge now that I’m challenging myself with more aggressive workouts.