Spotted this Reuters Article about the numerous law suits against Pfizer concerning its Statin drug – Lipitor.

In the past five months, a Reuters review of federal court filings shows, lawsuits by U.S. women who say that taking Lipitor gave them type-2 diabetes have shot up from 56 to almost 1,000.

Lawsuits began to be filed not long after the Food and Drug Administration in 2012 warned that Lipitor and other statins had been linked to incidents of memory loss and a “small increased risk” of diabetes. According to plaintiffs’ lawyers, women face a higher risk than men of developing diabetes from using Lipitor, and gain fewer benefits.

I became aware of the possible side effects when my wife was put on Pravastatin after her stroke.  At that time, all of the web sites that warned of the side effects were referred to as the fringe crazies.  But in 2012, the FDA started to put out new warnings.  Here is a Link to the latest FDA advice on statins.

There is still a risk versus reward argument that has to be played out.  There is virtually no medication you take – including “natural” and herbal supplements that do not have some type of side effect.

We all just need to be informed.  My informant was my Barber.  I’ve got to remember to thank him.