The Fall 2014 52 Day Challenge ended on Friday, September 26th.  That was the last day to do a workout or gain 2 more Clean Eats.  Now it is time to post your results on the Finish Line thread. 

Here are my Final Numbers for Friday, September 26, 2014, Day 52.  This earns me a Platinum Award.

Clean Eats: 98/104/96 (102.08%)
Resistance Training: 21/15 (140%)
Cardio Training: 21/15 (140%)
Personal Goal1 (Push-ups): 5600/5200 (107.69%)
Personal Goal (Personal Training with my wife wife): 20/15 (133.33%)

My biggest success during this Challenge was continuing to maintain my weight.  I just bought a size 34 pant off the rack – Life is Good.  My biggest challenge was continuing to work out in the face of a deteriorating and painful hip.

I will make it through one more Challenge and then face having my Right Hip replaced.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Classic Challenge Starting Line on October 22nd.