This Blog has been and will continue to be a chronicling of my fitness and diet journey.  At times, the journey has been smooth – almost predictable.  At other times, I’ve hit some major bumps in the road.   So far – none of the curve balls that life has thrown at me and my family has thrown me too far off course.  In fact, some of those bumps have actually kept me even more focused on my journey.

The stroke that felled my wife has had a number of unexpected ramifications.

She was in residential re-hab for 3 months:  Going to the gym every day – kept me sane.

When she returned home, her Physical Therapy sessions were less than thrilling.  I became her Therapist – Personal Trainer.  This has kept us going to the gym 6 days a week for the last two years.  I probably would have thrown in the towel if I did not need to help her.  At her last physical, her physician was amazed at her recovery.  I commented that she is working hard.  He said – she has a great Coach.  We make a great team.

The stroke hit her neurologically.  Guess what – Ketones are part of the answer.  Surprise.  Again – this has kept us on the straight and narrow.

Years ago, all of these bumps-in-the-road would have resulted in my regaining my weight and walking out of the gym and not looking back.

Not today.  Not ever.

And Now – The latest Detour – I need my Right Hip Replaced – the pain is over the top.  Bone on bone – the cartilage is gone. Eventually – the left also.  But now – we focus on the Right.

So far – I keep going to the gym.  I’ve pulled back on certain exercises – and weights – but I am still doing more than the next guy.  I believe that my muscle tone will help my recovery from surgery – it had better help.  The surgery will be mid-December.  I intend to chronicle this aspect of my journey as I have the others.

There is some humor:  The loss of weight should make the surgery easier.  But – I will gain 1 -1.5 pounds from the prosthesis.  Not Fair.

The muscle tone should help recovery – but too much muscle interferes with the surgery – Damn – how do I know when too much is too much?  Yeah – probably Schwartznegger size might be too much – no worry here.