When does Eating Clean become an Eating Disorder?  Am I slipping into Orthorexia?

Strange – how even a good goal can become an unhealthy compulsion.

When I started on this Journey, I first followed the most basic of rules:  Eat less than 30 grams of carbs per day.  That worked.  The problem was that I could not just rely on the most basic concepts.  I started reading – and reading – and I still read each new book on the subject as it is published.  The Kindle makes it all to easy to pick up the latest tome.

The Internet has not made this any easier.  There are a multitude of articles every day.  Name that topic – name that food – name that diet – there is an article – a discourse – a study – a comment – an opinion – to be read and digested and incorporated into my definition of Clean Eating.

When I started following the Men’s Health Forums, the definition of Clean Eating was “Low Fat.”  I and a few others lead the charge to change the concept.  Clean Eating should really be – IMHO – minimally processed food.  From there on – choose your eating plan.  Should it also include  and maybe be limited to Grass Fed, non-GMO, ghee, non-farmed, free-range, natural, organic, gluten-free and/or whole foods.

But it is almost impossible in today’s world to eat as Clean as some would define that word.

I have the tendency to become OCD – obsessive and compulsive – when I adopt an eating plan.  I did become a bit OCD when I adopted the Low Carb Life Style.  But – that was mainly during the weight loss phase.

It has been 7 1/2 years since I started eating Low Carb.  During this time, I have changed the program substantially.  I am trying to eat minimally processed foods and stick to a Very Low Carb – ketogenic – plan. 

Happily – I have been able to reign in my OCD tendencies.  I really don’t let so many of the food “issues” bother me.  Along with that – I try not to let so many of the Clean Eating Foodies bother me.  After all – I can bore an entire room full of people once I get started on discussing Carbs.

So the answer to the question – Am I slipping into Orthorexia? – Nope – Not a shot in Hell.  After all – the cookies that someone brought into the office – were just too good to pass up.