With the advent of the Low Fat Mythology – skinless – boneless – chicken breasts have become the go-to protein source.  They are ubiquitous and affordable.  They have also been a major component of my family’s diet for ages.  Then I read Keto Clarity and realized that eating too much protein may significantly undermine Ketosis.

I’ve come to understand that 120-140 grams of protein is my daily limit.  Even that much may be too much.  (One day I will actually do a blood test measurement – just not yet.)  So now – I have to review my eating plan.  Limiting carbs – not a problem.  I can hold the line at 30 or so a day without any difficulty – unless I have decided to indulge.  Dietary fats – no problem.  Cream, cheeses, sour cream, butter, coconut & olive oil and fatty meats – a joy – love the stuff.

But Protein is so easy to over eat.  I’ve limited myself to a shallow scoop of whey protein powder prior to exercising. That’s about 20 grams.  Then – breakfast – 2 eggs plus a variety of stuff.  Another 20-30 grams.  Lunch and Dinner are the problem.

One ounce of meat – be it chicken, beef or fish range from 6-9 grams.  A 3 ounce chunk of meat can be 24 to 27+ grams of protein.  Three ounces – damn – that is not even an appetizer size.   I rely on Nutrition Data for information.  Really is a great source of information.  Check it out – especially the skinless boneless chicken breast.  One cup of chopped chicken – which is basically what I would use for a chicken salad lunch – has 43 grams of protein.  Wow!  Here is the Nutrition_Facts_Label.

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The recommendations for Protein intake are all over the place.  If you examine the information – more often than not – you are comparing different worlds.  Is the world that of the Standard American Diet, the “big muscle” diet, High Carb, Low Carb, vegetarian, Paleo, or Ketogenic?  What play ground are you playing in?  Oh – one other concept – have you reached the age where muscle preservation is as important as muscle growth?

Some of the new information indicates that taking in much more than 20-30 grams at a meal will not increase the impact of protein on your muscles.  So aiming for a 30 gram protein limit per meal, is not wrong.

Limiting your protein intake for the entire day to enhance ketosis, taking into consideration the amount of exercise you do, will probably limit you to less than one gram per pound of lean body mass.  For me – 120-140 – max.

The nutritional advice that protein should be an accessory to the meal and not the main event – may not be wrong after all.  It is just that they consider carbs to be the main event – while I consider dietary fats – the creme dela creme.

So if you are looking for a definitive statement – not gonna happen – the jury is still out.  For me – it is time to cut back on Protein.