The 52 Day Challenges came into being 12 years ago in the fall of 2002.  “Determined” was the guy who came up with the idea.  The “Classic” honors that first one.  We’ve tried to put together a bit of the history, before it fades into the mists and shadows of the past.  Check out the History.  While you are there – check out the FAQs and learn how the 52DC has changed – over the years – but remained true to its roots.

I strongly urge you to Sign Up now and become part of the 52DC Family.  It is a great and varied group of Challengers.  I always learn something new from the give and take during each Challenge.

I have been doing these Challenges – 5-a-year – since the Summer of 2008.  No breaks – done ’em all – even when I was recovering from Hernia surgery.  Well this winter is going to be different.  I will probably be forced to sit out the Winter Challenge.  My Hip Replacement Surgery is tentatively scheduled for December 17th, right after this Challenge ends.  I will be limited during the Winter Challenge which starts on January 7th – how limited – no idea.  From reading – very limited.  How long – hopefully, I will be back in action for the Spring Challenge.

It is my intention to use this Blog – in part – as a journal of my experience from Surgery to Recovery.  Maybe we can all benefit from my therapy.

We’ve got 3 days to develop a workout plan for the Classic Challenge.  Given the pain and limitations of my hip-joint, I’m going to modify some of my exercises.  Still – I want that area to be as strong as possible prior to surgery.  Supposedly that will help with recovery.

One of my Personal Goals for this Challenge – Develop a post surgery Work-out/Therapy plan.  Yes – I know that I will have  professional therapists – but I learned from my wife’s stroke recovery – that you can not just rely on them.  You must shoulder that burden yourself.  Research and preparation.  You can’t wait until after the fact.

See you all at the Starting Line.