Day 3 as always falls on a Friday – my day off from exercising.  What follows is my posting on the 52DC Forum for this morning.

My Numbers for Thursday, October 23, 2014, Day 2 (3.85%)

CE: 4/4/96 (4.17%)
RT: 1/15 (6.67%)
CT: 1/15 (6.67%)
PG1 (Push-ups): 250/5200 (4.81%)
PG2 (PT Sessions with Wife): 1/15 (6.67%)
PG3 (Rehab Program): 0/1 (0%)

QOTD: What is your plan for gym work during this 52DC?

AOTD: My schedule is fixed.  The alarm goes off at 5:10am.  My wife and I are at the Gym by 6:10.  While I do an RT she does a full CT – 20 minutes each on two different machines.  The next day, I do a short 15 minute Cardio while she warms up on a cardio machine and then I take her through a workout focused on those areas hit by the stroke.  While she is doing an exercise, I am doing another set of push-ups.  We alternate our days all week.  Friday is my rest day – but she goes to the gym for a Zumba Class – she also doubles up and goes back to the gym on Thursdays for Zumba.  Each morning is preceded by a warm up/stretch routine.  At the bottom of this post, I’ve attached a copy the DIY Phase 16 Log that I designed myself.  I am recycling the one from last challenge.  I modify and limit that workout due to my ********ing hip.


And that is my daily schedule.  Once we get home from the gym, it is breakfast and then off to work.  What’s not mentioned is that I start the morning off with a cup of coffee with a scoop of whey protein.  Almost no carbs but about 20 grams of protein and a shot of caffeine.  By the time I get to the gym – I’m good to go.

If I counted correctly – there are 44 Challengers signed up for this Challenge.  It is always interesting to see how many are at the Finish Line.