I subscribe to Jonny Bowden’s Blog.  Periodically I get an email.  Most of the time, it is more advertisement than information.  Still he is a knowledgeable guy who enjoys debunking the Low Fat Myths and the Cholesterol Myths along with others.  I’ve read several of his books and they educate.  Still – I delete more of his emails than I read.

His last email: High Fat vs High Carb was actually interesting and contained some decent links.

The Key concept – Saturated Fat only becomes a problem when eaten in the context of a High Carb meal and diet.

We have been arguing that for ages.  It is finally starting to become a favorable way to look at the issue. 

It has always puzzled me how they medical and nutrition establishment can parse out one food item and blame or praise it without looking at the rest of a person’s diet and life style. 

Ah well – not going to rant on.  Just going to continue reading and learning and hoping the rest of the world catches up with us.