I believe I’ve mentioned that I am due for a Total Hip Replacement mid December.  Not exactly thrilled but the pain has become so excruciating that there is no choice.  It has effected almost every aspect of my life – especially my ability to sleep.  I can sit with little to no problem but standing and walking – wow.  When we shop – I use the shopping cart as a rolling walker – sad.  There are times that the only way I can sleep is sitting in a chair.  There are many projects around the house that need to be done; I can no longer do them.

I made a really big mistake putting this off.  I never realized the level of pain that would ensue.  Once all the cartilage is gone – you are in big trouble.  Yep – I am.


Still – I have continued my exercise program with only a limited number of modifications – mainly the weights used for many lower body exercises.  Upper body exercises are not effected.

It is my intent to keep a log of this process.  Today is the first entry.

In researching the post surgery exercises that I would need to do to recover, I discovered that there are pre-operation exercises.  Why?  Here is a quote from an AllinaHealth post.

You may have discovered that you’ve been less active because of your hip joint discomfort. When muscles aren’t used, they become weak and don’t perform well in supporting and moving your body.

Having your hip replacement surgery will correct the joint problem, but you will need a regular exercise program to strengthen your muscles and properly support your new joint.

Beginning an exercise program before your surgery can greatly enhance your recovery period. Follow your doctor’s orders before your surgery.

If you click on that link, you will also get the series of exercises that are recommended.  After checking other sites – it appears that these are the ones they all recommend.

Given the level of exercising that I do, these are not necessary.  In one way or another, I am doing them all. Hopefully.

These are also the exercises that you start off with immediately after surgery.

I will share with you – what I learn along the way.  After all – you may need this information at some point.

If you have had a hip replaced, I would really like to learn of your experiences and read your comments.  So don’t be shy – post away.