I was excited to see the headline on Yahoo and the opening paragraphs of the Yahoo report.  Then I read the Report on Ketogenic Diets compared to low Calorie Diets which came out with the “amazing” determination that “ketogenic diets suppress appetite despite weight loss.

That is a great boost for the Ketogenic world – except – the report, which is a “meta-analysis of studies that evaluated appetite before and during adherence to very-low-energy diets (VLEDs) and ketogenic low-carbohydrate diets (KLCDs)” – failed to report on one major piece – Dietary Fats.

It is as if that was a prohibited statement – after all – it goes against modern attitudes about healthy eating.

Add to that the following statement:

Ketosis appears to provide a plausible explanation for this suppression of appetite,” the authors write. “Future studies should investigate the minimum level of ketosis required to achieve appetite suppression during ketogenic weight loss diets, as this could enable inclusion of a greater variety of healthy carbohydrate-containing foods into the diet.”  Emphasis Added.

They leave out any reference to Dietary Fats and add in a reference to finding away to increase carbohydrate consumption while still being in Ketosis.

I went to the underlying “analysis” – the abstract is accurately reported.  To read the full report, I would have had to spend money.  Sorry – not doing that.

The Abstract focuses on Ketosis while ignoring dietary fats and the satiety of that component of a real ketogenic diet.  Another half truth.  

Was it intentional, bias or just plain stupidity?  Go Figure.