While we were discussing exercising and my return to the gym post surgery with the PA, an interesting fact came out.  The Elliptical Machine can cause hip pain.

She related her own story about asking one of the hospital’s Docs about her own hip pain.  His immediate question – “Are you using the Elliptical Machine?” He said that he sees a lot of young women who overuse that machine and Hip Pain results.

I went searching on the internet for information and came up with this article.

This is particularly interesting to us since my wife has been experiencing hip pain.  We assumed that it was due to the imbalance caused by her stroke.  That may still be true – but the elliptical machine may be exacerbating the situation.  We chose that particular machine because the movement of the arms and legs were in a more natural manner.  She needed to regain that coordination.

Time for her to switch up.  What about you?