I periodically rotate into my workout the Farmer’s Carry.  Sometimes I do it on my toes.  Every now and then I will do it unilaterally (one side only).  Most of the time, I just do a straight walk carrying a weight in each hand.  I originally discovered this exercise in the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises. 

farmer-carry I rarely see anyone else doing it.  Many times a “do-gooder” will tell me that I am doing this wrong and should be doing this in a walking lunge format.  I nod my head and continue walking.  Others want to know if I am in training to be a luggage carrier at the airport.

Men’s Health posted an article on the Farmer Carry on Facebook today.  I was pleased to see it and found that it had some pretty good information.  I liked some of their ways of adding it into your workout.  They went well beyond the information in the BBOE.

I will admit, I am nowhere close to their starting point: “160 pounds (per side) x 20 yards per trip. Work up to 80 yards.”

I’ve been doing this with two 45 pound weights from the barbell and walk the length of the Gym which is about 30 yards.  They have an easy grip and work well.  I think I am going to switch to dumbbells and start increasing the weight.  The Grip is the limiting factor.

It is tough to see these as a Core Exercise – but if done right – they are.  Try it out – you might find that fills a missing part in your workout.