This past Friday the 12th, was the Final Day of the Classic 52 Day Challenge.  Here are my Final Results.

My Final Numbers for the Classic 2014 52DC – December 12, 2014, Day 52 (100.00%)

Clean Eats: 99/104/96 (103.13%)
Resistance Training: 22/15/20 (146.67%)
Cardio Training: 20/15/20 (133.33%)
PG1 (Push-ups): 5200/5200 (100%)

PG2 (Personal Training Sessions with my Wife): 20/15/20 (133.33%)  My wife is a trooper – follows my directions without moaning.  The other ladies at the gym are jealous.  Their husbands are not there for them.

PG3 (Rehab Program): 0/1 (0%)  I had hoped to develop a Rehab Program to get myself moving on a fast track coming out of surgery.  Just too many variables and not enough hard information prevented that from happening.  I will develop it on an ad hoc basis starting Wednesday evening.

Unintended Result: Weight on Day One: 182.3. Weight on Day 52: 177.0

The good – I made it through – and not just at the lower end of my goals but at the high end.

The bad – This damnable hip thing has undermined my entire ability to exercise.  Pain not only effects the area that hurts but every aspect of your being.  Various parts of my body have been impacted by favoring the right hip.  My Left hip now hurts.  But – mainly – my focus – my mind – my attitude have all been impacted.  Three more days – counting down to surgery.