Went to the Gym yesterday.  That was the last time that I will be able to do my full workout – for a while – how long – No idea.

Tomorrow is Surgery Day.  I am scheduled to have an Anterior Hip Replacement.  Hopefully, that is what will happen and there will not be any problems with the process.

My preparation for the surgery – this past 10 days – go off all vitamin pills and supplements.  Stop taking all anti inflammatory meds – both prescription and OTC.  Today – Pain Rules.  Sleep was substantially interrupted last night and should be the same tonight.

Starting 5 days pre surgery – scrub the area with a special (expensive) disinfectant soap.  Not really sure how this can help since I put on the same clothing – but I am a good soldier and follow directions.

Tonight, I will eat normally and then no food or water after midnight.  Between pain – no sleep and dry mouth – gonna be a fun night.

This evening, I’ve got to pack and get everything ready to take to the hospital.  I got a short haircut – so I don’t need to deal with that aspect.  I may just forgo shaving.  Charged and Blue toothed all my devices.  Netflix is ready to go.

Now – just need to get the call from the Hospital telling me what time to be there.

ETA:  Just found out – be at Registration at 7:30am.  And we begin.

I understand that they get you out of bed and start you on recovery exercises almost immediately.  That will be interesting.

I hope to have more real information to post during my recovery.

I’ve concluded that Pain is a great weight loss tool – even if you attempt to salve the pain with a chocolate or two –  or three.  This morning I weighed in at 175.1 – I have no memory of the last time I saw that number.