SixGz from the 52DC had both knees rebuilt this past year and has had a bit of a rough time coming to terms with limitations and pain.  He is 10 years my junior and super fit. He warned me not to push too hard – how right he was.

Lessons Learned:

  1. You may believe you are thinking in a clear manner  – you are not – not even when you switch from Percocet to Tylenol.
  2. You may believe you have boundless energy – don’t kid yourself – make sure the walker is near by.
  3. You may believe that the PT services sent into your home will help – well only marginally – their purpose is to make you safe around the house.  I was that before they walked through the door.
  4. You may believe that this body of yours is well known to you – forgeddaboudit – It will trick you up at every turn.  Probably – just to get even for what you are putting it through.  I lost my appetite for several days – me – really!
  5. You may believe you can do this all on your own – you can’t – make sure you have help.
  6. You may believe you are your own best health advocate – maybe – when your mind is clear – otherwise – you are too stupid to breathe.

The good – my physical abilities are recouping at a really nice pace – without pushing myself.  I have started to walk up and down the stairs – one leg after the other.  BUT – I had a 2nd hand rail installed when my wife was stricken by a stroke.  All those grab bars are doing their job for me.  I got up this morning with the desire to get back on a more normal wake/sleep cycle – we’ll see how that plays out.

This is a Fair Warning – from here on in – may be Too Much Information – TMI – proceed at your own risk.

I advised the Doc on PO Day 1 of my difficulty with urinating – he said it happens.  So did others, including the Nurse sent into the home, all of whom believed your body would snap back as you got up and moving.  Well mine did not.  I do not want to play the blame game – I should have been more aggressive – the Doc and staff should have been more alert – and on top if it.  Still Shit Happens.

The shot that put my lower body to sleep – did the same thing for my Urinary process.  Unfortunately, when you do not fully empty you bladder – you retain fluid – a lot of fluid.  Push came to shove on PO Day 6 in the early evening.  I ended up at a Urologist – actually a guy I have known for some 20-30 years but not professionally.  He met me after hours, and right into the exam room – a one minute ultra sound diagnosis and I was Catheterized.  Not fun – 2 – yes – 2 liters of fluid were drained from this poor body.  I was sent home on antibiotics and told to come in the next day to have the catheter remove.  That was done at 11 am.  I was to call back at 4pm.

Doc – “I am stuck in neutral.”  His office was closed for the holiday, but he met me there.  Another ultra sound – another catheter – hurts more the 2nd time.  I am now living with a bag strapped to my leg.  Interesting – is about the nicest thing I can say.  The catheter will be removed on Monday – and hopefully my over stretched bladder will have shrunk back to shape and be it’s old “wake up old man – time for your nightly trip to the toilet.”

The most underrated human process – taking a leak.