Finally got out of the house to do something other than see a Physician.  We went to the movies. 

OK – we went to the 11:15 showing of the Hobbit.  Yeah – I know – not the most intellectual pursuit – but – I read it in college and it has remained a favorite for all these years.

My daughter drove us.  Handicapped parking space by the elevator to the Movies.  Nice.  We were early.  Walked over to the Book store.  Found the New NROL.  Glanced through it and will get it on my Kindle – once I am up and about.  The authors still hold a bias against low carbing except for weight loss.  Ah well – not buying the book for their nutrition advice.

The walking was tiring – but – I did it with a minimum of difficulty.  Although I don’t need the cane, it is a safety precaution – and – people do step aside.  We chose this early show to avoid crowds – wise decision.

My ability to fold my leg into the car has improved.  I don’t need help getting my leg up and in.  Slow but sure.

The one positive part about that contraption I’m wearing – this was a long movie and I was able to sit through the entire showing without running out to the toilet.  See – there is a silver lining.