I finally finished reading CHOLESTEROL CLARITY – WHAT THE HDL IS WRONG WITH MY NUMBERS? by Moore, Jimmy; Westman, Eric C. (2013-08-25). Victory Belt Publishing. Kindle Edition.

I’ve read several other similar books but after reading their Keto Clarity which actually came out after this one, I felt compelled to read it.  

For the most part, it is an easy read.  It does eventually get into a more intensive review of various sophisticated tests that few if any Docs prescribe.  

The book’s voice is Jimmy Moore with constant notations and quotes from his panel of “experts” to support his positions.  Westman is the voice in the background who periodically adds his thoughts.

They do a pretty good job of helping us understand the validity and invalidity of Cholesterol testing and the knee jerk reaction of prescribing Statin meds.   Other authors do a more pronounced diatribe against meds.  They sing the same song just in a lower key.

It is no surprise that the solution to all that is wrong with your numbers is a Ketogenic Diet: Very Low Carb, Normal Protein, High Fat Diet.  I’m right there with them.  My own Doc has come a long way with tolerating my “lifestyle” and understanding my numbers in light of a Ketogenic Diet.

Again – the use of constant blood tests – to chronicle and learn of your body’s reaction to sugar is put forth as a critically necessary tool.  Probably right.

I am not going to excerpt the book here.  If you are new to this discussion or want a more in depth understanding, buy the book, it is worth the read.