Improvement is daily.  I am regaining a lot more control over the leg and the ability to lift it.  Getting into bed and swinging my legs up used to be a process of placing the good leg under the effected leg and lifting them both.  No more.

The stairs have never been a serious problem.  Up with the good leg – down with the bad.  Stair rails on both sides help.  I’ve progressed to one leg after the other – with hands on the rails.  Yesterday, I had clean laundry in one hand and something else in the other.  I should have put something down and done it in two trips.  Instead – head bent forward – I headed up the stairs with no hands.  Made it with only one or two drops of sweat.

Getting up from a low couch is getting easier.  So happy I focused on squats while I could.  Paying off now.

My SIL and BIL took us out to dinner last evening.  Great to be out.  Great to have real food and good conversation.  It was a Japanese Sushi place.   Nice – but I ordered a dinner without rice – hey – not given up my diet – not when I can’t get to the gym and sweat it off.  By the time we got back to the house, my mantra was: “I am not going to take a nap – I am not going to take a nap.”

Today I rolled the garbage down our long steep driveway.  No Problem.  Got the Mail.  Felt human.  Glad I brought the cane with me – needed it to get up the driveway.

Energy is the big deficit.  Amazing how your body re-directs its resources to where they are needed.  Energy is not a top priority.

I still opt for the walker when I need to move around in the middle of the night.  I can not risk being shaky and falling.  I probably can do with out it.  One day, I will just not take it – and that will be the end of that.

Trying hard to normalize my sleeping.  Tough but needs to be done.

Tomorrow morning is the major test.  7:30 am appointment at the Urologist.

Now that I am experiencing the possible side effects of the Epidural, I figure it is time to become more educated.  No Surprise – one of the major side effects: Difficulty urinating.

Wikipedia: “The sensation of needing to urinate is often significantly diminished or even abolished after administration of epidural local anaesthetics …”  This resulted in a severely stretched out bladder that has yet to shrink back to normal.

Every “medical” person says – this happens and you will be OK.  But it is not them and they are not the ones Scared Shitless.

This will not defeat me.  I signed up for the 52DC which starts on January 7th.  Reduced goals – but it the game.  See you at the starting line.