Time marches on.  2015 is here and the holidays are behind us.  The first 52 Day Challenge of the New Year starts on Wednesday, January 7th.  It is appropriately called “Repair Holiday Damage.”  Hop over to the Men’s Health 52DC Forum and check it out.  Do a little exploring, read the FAQs, see the camaraderie among the Challengers, set some goals and then Sign Up.

This is a fun thing to do. There are many, many articles on the web which talk to the importance of a support group in achieving your goals.  Some charge money, some require you to follow their own eating or exercise plan – Not the 52 DC.  You design your own program and goals – and go for it.  Ask questions, get answers from the other Challengers.  The amount of knowledge – amazing.  This is the place that has made a difference in my life – let it make a difference in yours.

We are a peer run group that has been around for over 10 years.  Today, Siscoe one of the “old timers” – signed up.  In part – this is his post:

A bit about me; I used to hang out here a lot, waaay back in the day. It was the 52DC that helped me drop about a hundred pounds after University, and got me interested in nutrition and training. I’ve kept at it, off and on, over the last ten years, with a couple of highlights (marathon run, for one). But I’ve got two jobs, 3 boys (4, 5 and 6), and I’ve let excuses pile up, as well as a few extra pounds. Luckily, even though I moved away from this group, the group never left.

Make this the day you post your goals and start the New Year off with a Bang.