One Stupid Fella – that’s me.  I was doing so well.  Looking forward to driving and getting back to the gym.  Then my house of cards fell down – on me – like a ton of bricks. 

On Sunday evening January 4th, because I am stupid, I fell down on the driveway and landed on my new hip – and shattered it.  As I hit the ground, I knew my world had ended.  I felt for my phone and dialed 911.  The tale of PAIN – excruciating PAIN can not be put in words.

The EMTs took me to the local hospital and then the next day to the City Hospital where the original surgery was done.  On Tuesday, a “Revision” Specialist rebuilt my fractured and messed up prosthetic hip.  Now – the posterior approach.  On Saturday, I was transported to a Re-hab hospital closer to where I live.  Sunday the PT and OT “assessed” my situation.  Monday started 2+ hours of therapy a day. 

I can not put any weight on my right leg – none.  I use a walker with a hop to progress.  My right leg is called “toe touch” just for balance.  Thank goodness for Dips.  I honestly don’t see how anyone without that upper body strength could maneuver the walker.  I wish I had mastered the one-legged – pistol – squat.  That I have decent upper body strength is a blessing.

I’ve tried posting using my little tablet and failed which is why there was a post with a title only.  I’ve finally gotten to the “patient” computer.

Doing the simplest of exercises is difficult and painful.  I try to time my pain meds with my therapies.

The most difficult aspect of this is not the pain – but the total loss of control.  I can not get out of bed or do anything by myself.  A two year old has more control of their environment than I do.  Enough – no whining.  This too shall pass.

AND – it is an impossibility to eat Low Carb.  Seriously – impossible.  I gave up.  Life will go back to normal when I go home.

More posts will come – as I am able.