The Occupational Therapist has been analyzing my home and how I can utilize it – especially the bathroom and getting in and out of the stall shower.  There “ain’t” no easy.  She has also been working with me on one legged balance and upper body exercises.  Back to basics.

The Physical Therapist is where the action is.  Leg exercises – so simple a month ago – so difficult today.  Walking with a walker and one leg.  The right leg only gets a “toe touch” – no weight – it’s purpose – balance and let my body know where the floor is.

Each movement forward is equivalent to one dip.  Now walk the length of a hallway.

She is trying to get me to climb the stairs in my home.  How – left arm on the railing.  Right arm has a crutch.  The rail and crutch are the parts of the walker – or an uneven dip bars.  I could qualify for a stunt man in the movies.  It is down right scary.  Up with the good leg – down with the bad.  Fear Transcendent.  I will make it happen – or it is going to be a couple of weeks of sponge baths.

There is a huge amount of down time.  I am finally reading the rest of “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.”  Interesting – well written – boring.  With all his well researched story telling – he flat lined today when he said that Glucose is the only energy source the brain can function on.  This book was originally published in August 2007 – hopefully he has learned otherwise by now.

I should finish the book within the next two days – then – Any Suggestions????