Had my two week follow up appointment with the Surgeon yesterday.  X-rays were taken, reports read and he pronounced that my healing was on track.  Surprised me.  I thought my leg looked crooked.  Ah well.  No weight bearing for the Right Leg for another 4 weeks.  Toe touch only.  All weight is shifted to my left leg and my arms and shoulders.  Next appointment – end of February – then – if I am lucky – I can start putting full weight on that leg.  By then – I should have an amazing difference between my two legs.

I have continued to work on climbing stairs with a crutch under my right arm and leaning on my left.  Freaky but doable.  Amazing what we will do for a Shower.

My Occupational Therapist has been working on continuing to strengthen my upper body.  Light weights – high reps while sitting in a wheel chair.  The high reps will get to you. Throwing a weighted ball against a slanted trampoline – which really throws it back at you fast.  Your arms will fall off after ten throws.

They have tables that raise and lower by power.  So here I am with a couple of others standing around the table playing card games – all a variation on solitaire but with multiple players – or alone.  Why am I doing this ridiculous game and calling it Therapy?  Stood up with the Walker and balanced on my left leg while I got dressed and arranged my life – Light Bulb goes on – my ability to balance on one leg has increased.  I’ll keep playing cards and have more faith in the OT.

My discharge date is next Wednesday, January 28th.  Gonna be interesting.

I’m going back to playing cards.  Now if we could only play for money……….