I was discharged from the Rehab Hospital yesterday, Wednesday, January 28th after 24 days between the hospital and rehab.  Nice.

The transfer home was exhausting.  The Big News – I got in the house with a minimum of difficulty and a lot of help and then made it up the stairs – twice yesterday. I really needed a nap and there is no place for me to relax, lay back and then get up.  The getting up is the problem.

This morning, I had a real shower.  Positioned the Shower Chair at the door inside the shower.  Backed the walker into the door and sat down, then swung my legs into the Shower.  We have a hand-held extension, which worked perfectly.  The Rehab Hospital gave me a sponge on a stick to wash my back and legs.  We have grab bars in the shower which were a great help when I needed to stand.  Dried most of me off in the shower.  Got out – and my wife finished the job.

I had not shaved since January 3rd or 4th.  Decided that this morning was the time to hack off my beard which was way more gray than my hair.  Wow – took forever – especially standing on one foot.  Ended up having to cut off some of my chin hair using a small nail scissors.  Had to sit down several times and rest.

The shave and shower process was arduous. Add getting dressed – and it was time for a nap.  Everything takes 10 times the effort.

I am useless around the house.  So many limitations.  I can’t carry anything since I need both hands on the walker.  Can’t bend beyond 90 degrees – so can’t reach to put on my underwear and pants – must use a reacher to assist or to pick up anything I drop on the floor.

ReacherI have a contraption to put on my socks – but my legs are so swollen, they need special compression knee-high stockings.  No way I can get those suckers on or off.  My wife must do this for me.  Frustrating.


My brother and wife are super helpful albeit a bit over protective.

The home care nurse came today to assess and work out a plan.  Same one as the first go round.  Nice lady.

I rented a wheelchair to get me from the house into the office.  Once in – I will use the walker.  I need to start putting in time – even if just a couple of hours each day. No way I can use the walker outside in this weather and in the office parking lot.

Most importantly, since I left the hospital – I left behind Carb Heavy hospital food.  Back on the Low Carb train.

Weight – I will give it a couple of days to stabilize – then report.  So far – looks good.

3 weeks down – 3 weeks to go before I can put pressure on my right foot.  I will survive and I will be more careful than the last time.