It has been a helluva a time.  I scheduled my hip replacement surgery during the last couple of weeks of December since it is a slow time in my business.  My planning worked out well for the most part. The December 17th Surgery was followed by rest at home and a planned return to work and slow return to the gym starting on January 5th.  But as we know, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley” (often paraphrased in English as “The best-laid plans of mice and men / Often go awry”).

On January 4th, I severely injured the hip replacement and had revision surgery to repair it and the bone fracture.  I finally got home from being first in a hospital and then a Rehab Hospital on Wednesday, January 28th.

It is now almost 7 weeks since I’ve been in a gym and during the month of January, my ability to eat Low Carb went down the drain.  There is the Standard American Diet and the Standard American Hospital Diet.  Both rely heavily on Carbs, low fat and minimal protein.  At the rehab facility, my average per meal protein intake was probably 3 ounces.  I haven’t eaten that much Carbage (Carb-garbage) in 7 + years – not counting the chocolate that well-meaning friends brought me – and which I ate.

No Gym – that’s for sure.  I did get a pretty good amount of exercise at the Rehab Hospital.  Amazing how quickly one’s muscles atrophy.   Since I can not put any weight – at all – on my right leg, I expect it to be pencil thin once the swelling abates.  My left leg, which carries all of my weight is getting a helluva workout along with my arms which allow me to “walk” using a Walker and climb a flight of steps using a crutch. Still – I can feel my hard-earned muscles dissipating.  No tears.  I developed them once – I can do it again.

Since I’ve been home, I am back on the Low Carb Wagon – except for some divergence watching last night’s Super Bowl.  I can’t drink my precious Shiraz since I am taking heavy-duty pain killers and they do not mix – well they do but – not in my life.

At the Rehab facility, once a week I was woken up at 5:30, gotten out of bed and stood on a fancy electronic scale.  That’s right – 5:30 am.  Insane.  To the best of my guesstimate, it showed me close to 8 pounds heavier than I weigh on my home scale.  Reality – not sure I care since my home scale is my weight which tells me if I’ve gained or lost weight.  Given all that, here is a bit of my recorded history.

December 17th: The morning of my first surgery: 174 pounds.  The lightest I’ve been in years.

December 20th:  Return home after eating Hospital food and having a 1.5 pound chunk of metal inserted in my leg: 180.8 pounds.

January 4th:  The morning of my fall and after shedding some holiday weight: 175.9 pounds.

January 29th: The morning after I returned home from 24 days away: 178.1 pounds.  Now with a chunk of metal closer to 2 pounds in my leg. Note – the last weigh in at the hospital was 183.5.

February 2nd: This morning 176.1 pounds.

Given what I’ve been eating and the lack of exercise, I am surprised that my weight has remained relatively steady.  Explanations – none – possibilities – many.

There were several days early on after the 2nd surgery that I had no appetite, probably because of the level of pain killers and the lousy hospital food.  At the Rehab facility, the portions were relatively controlled – just overwhelmingly Carbs.  Muscles atrophying and melting away.  The more I exercise – the more I eat – no surprise there.

Who knows.  It will be another couple of months until this all shakes out.