There are so many articles popping up on eating Low Carb.  Many mix up Paleo with Low Carb.  There is an overwhelming failure to lay it on the line.  Truth – does not sell.

Spotted this Consumer Reports article: Surprising effects of a high-protein, low-carb diet – You may lose weight, but there’s a catch – Published: February 25, 2015 06:00 AM


First – Low Carb equals High Protein.

Second –  “Diets only work by lowering calories,” says David Seres, M.D., director of medical nutrition at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York and a member of Consumer Reports’ medical advisory board. “Where the calories come from doesn’t matter.”

Third – “You’re altering your metabolism away from what’s normal and into a starved state,” Seres says. “People in starved states experience problems with brain function.”

Fourth – “A high-protein diet also overworks the kidneys.”  This assumes that a Ketogenic diet is High Protein – which it is not.

Fifth – “Far from increasing energy, that eating style might leave you fatigued and nauseated. Constipation can also be a problem because animal-based protein sources provide little or no fiber.”

Sixth – “When it comes to heart disease, the saturated-fat-laden red meat that’s part of many high-protein diets may actually boost your risk.”

My only comment – Dr. Seres – isn’t it about time you updated your information and correctly reported on the adapted Ketogenic diet.  You have done a disservice to many.  Consumer Reports – I am glad I stopped my subscription – all those many years ago when I realized your testing was more often than not – Biased.