Today was my 2nd PT workout.  Hopefully there will be 6 weeks of 3 x week unless the Insurance rules limit it.  

I signed on with the same PT entity that worked with my wife.  The Guy had sold it and now Access Physical Therapy and Wellness owns it.  I am not quite sure if these are all owned by one entity or different owners have signed on to be a “partner” with the larger entity.  No matter. All I care about is the Physical Therapist working with me.  So far – no complaints.

When I was getting PT under Home Care, the guy gave me the Hep2Go site.  That is where he got his various exercises.    I guess they all use this site as their starting point.  My new Physical Therapist gives me exercises off the same site.  No Problem.

This is a compendium of PT exercises.  The Trick is knowing which ones to prescribe in the proper order and amount.

I’m no expert, but this is a useful place to review.

After today’s workout – a mere 30-40 minutes – I hurt.  Sad.  Not a thing I was doing which I have not done before in a more aggressive manner.  I’ll get back – no question – just time and perseverance. 

Happily, the Spring 52DC starts on March 18th.