I started following a Low Carb Diet on March 12, 2007.  I was 260 pounds – maybe.  Could have been heavier.  I jumped off the scale at that number – out of sheer fright. I had found a small booklet by Dana Carpender.  Just a couple of pages defining a Very Low Carb eating regime – actually – Ketogenic.  The rest of  the booklet gave the carb grams of various foods.  I joined a Gym that same day.

The following November 2007, Men’s Health magazine published two articles.  One was the original Gary Taubes article published in the 2002 New York Times Magazine piece “What if It’s All Been a Big Fat Lie?” The second was an introduction to their soon to be published TNT Diet by Jeffrey Volek and Adam Campbell.  That issue saved my life.  It also introduced me to the Men’s Health Forum and the 52 Day Challenge.  I will never throw that issue away,

Over the next year or so, I lost 80 pounds and gained some real strength.  You can check my 2nd anniversary pictures to see the transformation.  

As the years went on, I sharpened the pencil.  Learned what clean eating meant and learned how to eat in a healthy manner. I also learned how to exercise.  Gave up the machines and switched to free weights.  Damn – I have been in better shape in my 60’s then I had ever been in my earlier years.

I have been eating Very Low Carb – High Fat for Eight years and am healthier than I have ever been.  I am still learning.  Still finding new ways to tighten the program.  Recently reduced my Protein intake and increased my Fat intake – Lost another 10 pounds – without trying.

I’ve had set backs – we all do.  Had a Hip Replacement on December 17th.  Was really doing well – then on January 4th I fell and smashed it. Had Revision surgery.  They rebuilt the leg and wired the fracture into place.  I spent the month of January in the hospital and the rehab hospital.  February was a month of recovery at home and working Part Time.  March – well – started Physical Therapy for real.  Wow – I have lost so much function – so much strength – so much energy.  The road is ahead – the surgeon tells me that I have 6 more months before he will let me do floor exercises.  Now – caution and a slow rebuild.  This weekend I will once again venture into the Gym – almost 8 years to the day I first walked in and started exercising.  Back to the beginning.

The Spring 52 Day Challenge starts on March 18th.  I signed up.  No better way to keep my eye on the ball.  What about you.  I’ll see you at the Starting Line.