For the past 8 years, I’ve been going to the gym with a previously unknown level of consistency.  The last couple of years, I’ve averaged 5-6 days a week.  During this time I garnered significant strength increases, albeit not necessarily big guns.  Still – being able to do what I’ve been doing was a great personal achievement.

The last time I worked out was approximately December 15th, two days before my first hip replacement surgery.  Since then, No Gym.

After the 2nd surgery to repair the mess I made when I fell and destroyed what the surgeon had built, my only exercise has been Physical Therapy.  First 3 1/2 weeks at a Rehab Hospital followed by 3 weeks at home and now 3 times a week at a Physical Therapist’s office.

All of the PT has been aimed at helping me recover.  And – I do need that help.  It is amazing how impaired my right leg is – especially as the day wears on.

Yesterday, I went to the Gym – First Time in 3 months.  Whoopee.  The Surgeon has laid out significant limitations for the next 6 months.  It won’t be until September that I am able to resume various exercises.   For the now – I am not going to duplicate what the Physical Therapist is doing.  I have my entire upper body and left leg to work on.  Also – my PT is shaking with fear over my re-injuring myself at the Gym.  The thought of me doing Swiss Ball crunches made her quake.

I was super careful – only doing machines which did not endanger me. Damn – I’ve lost so much strength.

Previously, I would wake at 5:10 and be at the gym by 6:00 am.  I am going to have a tough time doing that.  My energy level is very low.  I can not impede the work of the PT.  End result – I will only go to the gym on days I do not have PT.  That will probably end up 2 days a week and one day a weekend. Luckily, my wife works out with me – so I have someone to help me with the machines. 

The 52DC starts this Wednesday.  I need this all in place by then.  It will happen.  I did it once.  I can do it again.