The Spring 52 Day Challenge started on March 18th.  Here is an update of where I stand today.

My Numbers for Sunday, March 29, 2015, Day 12 (23.08%)

CE: 22/24/96 (22.92%)  Assuming I eat as planned this evening.
RT: 9/15 (60%)
CT: 4/15 (26.67%)
PG1 (Physical Therapy): 4/10 (40%)
PG2 (Gym): 5/20 (25%)

I have been going to Physical Therapy 3 days a week.  Each session starts with 10 minutes on a stationary bike and then 30 minutes of working on building up the strength in my right leg.  I have maybe 6 sessions left unless the Surgeon extends my PT as a Medical Necessity.  Then – maybe another week or two.

I’ve started back at the gym alternating with my PT days.  Can’t do both on the same day – just do not have the energy.

Perhaps my weakest muscles are the abductors.  Given the fact that I had two surgeries in 3 weeks, both of which interfered with this muscle group, there is no surprise how significantly it was impacted.

Lying on my left side, with my left leg bent and extending my right leg out in a straight line from my back – I can not lift the right leg into the air.  I had a discussion with the PT about lifting my leg and focusing on negatives.  At first she gave me all the reasons that would not work.  Then she conferred with others and now is helping me raise the leg and allowing me to resist letting in come down.  Some progress is being made.  Another exercise is the clam shell.  Again – lying on my left side with both legs bent and a Thera-band tied around my knees – open my legs while pivoting on my feet which are still together.

I tried the Abductor – Adductor machine at the gym.  I had a greater amount of movement than I expected.  Probably because I was seated. Yes – I do know that this machine is not rated highly by anyone with knowledge.  Still it hits the muscle.

Going to try Monster Walks at the gym.  Hopefully that will do something.

I’m trying to regain my upper body strength.  Amazing how much I lost in 3 months.  My hard earned ability to do a chin-up – GONE.  Other exercise that I enjoyed – such as the push-up are denied me until I have fully healed and can resume floor exercises.

No complaints.  Things are happening.  I can tell.  My ability to walk up a flight of steps has improved. I don’t need the cane inside the house or office.  My balance is better.  Just gotta keep on Truck’n.