Most individuals who have started down the path of healthy eating already know that highly processed foods are not your healthiest choice. They are overstuffed with Sugar, Fat and Salt.  No surprise.

I caught this article online: U.S Survey: Packaged grocery foods contain dangerous amounts of sodium.

It reports on a the findings of a government study published in the journal of Preventing Chronic Disease.

They analyzed the various packaged food on the shelves of supermarkets in multiple markets and SURPRISE – they found that: 

“more than 70 percent of pizzas, pasta mixed dishes, and meat mixed dishes and 50 percent to 70 percent of cold cuts, soups, and sandwiches exceeded FDA ‘healthy’ labeling standards for sodium, whereas less than 10 percent of breads, savory snacks, and cheeses.”

“Most of the salt that Americans eat is “hidden” in processed foods, Schieb remarked. It does not come from the obvious salt, but can be in foods such as bread. In fact, bread is the single biggest source of sodium in the U.S. diet because people eat so much of it.

Schieb advised that the best option is to choose fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. Since, unprocessed food rarely contains much sodium.”

There are times when my head explodes from these types of obvious surveys.  An old quote comes to mind:  

The illumination of the obvious, by and for the ignorant.