I caught an Article about an Australian study which concluded that you will live longer if your exercise program works up a sweat.  Moderate exercise no longer cuts it. The Study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Study author Klaus Gebel said his research had shown people who regularly did vigorous exercise were up to 13 per cent less likely to die prematurely than those who did moderate exercise. Even making less than a third of your exercise vigorous was linked to a 9 per cent decreased risk of early death.

How much is enough?

“If you think of people who maybe so far have only been doing some walking, it could make a significant difference if on top of that they maybe have something like 20-30 minutes per week, not necessarily a lot, of doing something vigorous that makes them sweat and significantly increases their breathing rate,” he said.

Using “sweat” as the indication that you are doing vigorous exercise may not be an accurate marker.  We have all been next to the “Guy” who sweats profusely without regard to the amount of effort he puts in – and then does not wipe the equipment off.  Me – I’m not a guy who sweats.  Even doing HIIT for a 20 minute session may get my heart rate up – but will only make me “glow.”  Sweat – not so much – unless the AC at the gym is not working.

Maybe Richard Simmons was onto something.