I caught this video on Yahoo.  They slice a head of raw cauliflower into about half-inch thick steaks and cook them up.  Then roast them and use them as the main ingredient in a sandwich made from Joseph’s Low Carb Lavash Bread.

Of course you top it and bottom it with lots of cheese.  What could be bad?

Cauliflower is the Go To Veggie.  Tonight we had it made into Mock Mashed Potatoes.  OK – let me back track.  Someone asked me if I miss real food.  What is unreal about Mashed Cauliflower – and why do I find it necessary to call it a Potato substitute.  

Just because – that is the way everyone else eats – doesn’t mean that mashed cauliflower is not Real Food.  Tasted damn good – especially whipped with butter and some gravy from the chicken leg quarters.  The dish included sauteed eggplant and onions.  Really good – real food.

Eating Low Carb does not need to be boring – you merely need to learn some new dishes. – and enjoy.