This was my come back Challenge.  

It started on March 18th – 20 days after I met with the Surgeon and finally able to put weight on my Right Leg. I had already started Physical Therapy – on March 3rd – so I had probably had 6 or so sessions behind me.  With PT 2-3 days per week, I had to alternate those sessions with my time at the gym.  It was too much to do both a gym session and PT session on the same day.

Each day at the gym was another move forward. 54 days without using my right leg.  54 days recovering from two surgeries in 3 weeks. 75 days without going to the gym.  I had lost a tremendous amount – not only in my right leg, but overall fitness.  Unbelievable.

At the beginning, the surgeon had imposed significant restrictions on the way in which I could move the leg.  I could not do floor exercises since the getting up and down would screw up the leg.

On my April 23rd follow visit with the Surgeon, he allowed me to do more with my leg – including floor exercises.  Just be careful and don’t stress the area. No jumping jacks, no running, no box jumps – be super cautious.  And – I was – and I am.

My progress from that point has been accelerated. I’ve regained a bit of strength – no all – but still – enough to make me feel pretty good and be cautiously optimistic about my recovery.

I am back to doing chin-ups and push-ups among other exercises.  Happiness.

I am no longer using a “Reacher” to put on my pants, or a Sock Tube to put on my right sock.  Glad I have long arms.  Still using the “Shoe Horn on a Stick” only because it is a general convenience and I don’t need to struggle to put on my shoes.  I will continue to use that assistive device.

I was discharged from PT about 2 weeks ago.  No problem – I know the exercises that need to be done to strengthen my right leg – and this gives me more time at the gym.

I am happy with the results of this Challenge and look forward to the next one which starts on June 3rd – with fewer limitations.

My Final Numbers for May 8, 2015 – Day 52 (100%)

  • Clean Eats: 98/104/96 (102.08%)
  • Resistance Training: 36/15 (240%) Without Physical Therapy – 20 RT sessions.
  • Cardio Training: 27/15 (180%) Without Physical Therapy – 11 CT sessions
  • Personal Goal 1 (Physical Therapy): 16/10 (160%)
  • Personal Goal 2 (Gym): 31/20 (155%)