The Summer 2015 – 52 Day Challenge starts on Wednesday June 3rd.  The Sign-up Thread has gone up.

I am really looking forward to this Challenge.  I sat out the Winter Challenge because of my two surgeries.  The Spring Challenge was me trying to get back at it.  Tough road but made progress.  This one should be one of continued progress in rebuilding my right leg but really focusing on getting back to some of the same levels I was at last fall – particularly upper body.  So much work to do.

I have (sadly) relaxed my eating and put back a couple of pounds.  Time to reign in my eating and find my groove once again.  I’ve done it before – and can do it again. Just need to keep my focus.

My goals are nothing spectacular – just enough to push myself.

  • Clean Eating: 96/104
  • Resistance Training: 20
  • Cardio Training: 20
  • Personal Goal 1:  Push-ups 2,600

I will probably add a PG2 – Weight Loss – to be determined.

If you have never checked out the Challenge – start by reading the FAQs.  And – to give you a little background – check out the History.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Starting Line.