Prior to starting a Low Carb lifestyle, I had started to decrease the amount of pasta, potatoes, rice, and white bread.  Not sure why – just found myself viewing them as filler and a conveyance for sauce to get to my mouth.  Pasta night at the local restaurant – previously a favorite – faded off my list of go to places.  Still every now and then, pasta has its place – like last night.

We had friends over for dinner and a movie.  Rented the American Sniper.  None of us had seen it in the theater.  Powerful movie – real powerful.  If you haven’t seen it – rent it – watch it.

We started the meal with Caprese Salad. This is one of my fall back appetizers when we go out to dinner. Sliced rounds of mozzarella cheese with slices of tomato and topped with Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oil and fresh Basil.  What could be bad.

Caprese Salad

For the main dish, we decided to make meatballs, sausage and beef short ribs in an Italian tomato sauce.  Started with 2 pounds of beef short ribs, one medium sliced sweet onion and two cans of crushed tomatoes, a handful of sliced garlic sections and the requisite seasoning.  Cooked on low heat in a dutch oven for 4 hours.  Made the meat balls separately.  Cut the Italian Sweet Sausage in thirds and fried it up so they had a crisper skin.  Added the meatballs and sausage into the pot for the last half hour.  

The Problem – PASTA.  This dish called for Pasta.  Not gonna happen. Most times, we chop up cauliflower and use that as a substitute for rice or pasta.  That was just not going to be sufficient.

Instead – we opened four packages of Nasoya Pasta Zero Shirataki Fettuccine.  Each package contains 2 net grams of Carbs.  


Drained – rinsed – dried and heated in the Microwave.  Put them in a large bowl and dumped the meats and sauce on top.

OK – not the same mouth feel as regular pasta – slightly chewier. Still Damn Good.  Does the job of conveying the sauce to my mouth. 

Had the left over Caprese Salad for lunch.  Going to have the left over meats and fettuccine for dinner.

For those people who can’t live without their pasta.  Try this.