We read and listen to story after story throughout the Media world.  On-line, on TV, on Radio and in the Print Media – the articles about the latest study proving once and for all that this diet is better than that diet or this food is better than that food. Are they real or are they Bogus?  Just because they are given their 15 minutes of fame by the media does not make them real.

Finally a Journalist, John Bohannon intentionally fakes a Study to show just how easy it is to get this BS published and pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.  Here is the link to the Article disclosing the entire shenanigans.

How many other studies have slid by without scrutiny?  Ancel Keyes’ Seven Countries Study – which helped establish the health need for a Low Fat diet may very well fall into this category. 

This is not the first time I’ve experienced the media creating a false reality and everyone buying into it.  Check out Thallus of Marchantia at the University of Buffalo, December 1964.  This re-telling is one of many versions.  From my POV it was a college prank and the only ones who did not know it – were the media.

Lesson Learned – Don’t believe every health and diet study – for that matter anything you read.