The Role of Carbohydrate Restriction in Cancer was first brought to my attention by a guy on the 52DC who had been diagnosed with some significant skin cancer.  I thought he was out in left field until I checked it out.  Yes – Cancer needs glucose to thrive.

In cancer cells, glucose starvation activates a metabolic and signaling feedback loop leading to cell death. Glucose starvation induces generation of reactive oxygen species generation (ROS), thereby inhibiting phosphatases and activating tyrosine kinases, which in turn generate additional ROS. This glucose starvation-induced positive feedback loop amplifies ROS levels until cells undergo ROS-mediated cell death.


cancer starvation


Now scientists are saying that killing HIV’s sugar intake kills its growth.

A groundbreaking study reveals that starving HIV of sugar prevents it from reproducing.

Scientists at Northwestern Medicine and Vanderbilt University say that after the virus invades an activated immune cell, it craves sugar and nutrients from the cell to replicate and fuel its growth throughout the body.

Edit: 6-1-15:

This similarity between the two divergent diseases is amazing.  Check out this Article.

This discovery may have a connection for treatment of cancer, which has also a huge appetite for sugar and other nutrients located in the cell, which it feeds on to grow and spread.

So many diseases thrive on glucose.  Let’s starve them.