My exercise program for the Summer 52DC is nothing new or earth shattering – just modified slightly to take into account continuing limitations from my surgery.

I workout 6 days a week alternating Cardio days with Resistance Training days.  Each day – be it a CT or RT day starts with a warm up which includes crunches on a Swiss ball, planks and pelvic raises along with a series of stretches.

For now, my Cardio is 20 minutes on the Treadmill at 4 mph followed by exercises designed to rehabilitate my right leg.  I try to vary them so that I am not totally bored.

My RT is a three-day workout based upon a template found in Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises – expanded from 2 alternating workouts to three. I am up to Phase 17 of my Design It Yourself workout.  I print this workout sheet out and record my sets, reps and weights.  I then notate what the weight is going to be for the next workout.  The lower the number of reps – the heavier the weight.

Along with these structured workouts, I add in sets of push-ups so that I do at least 50 a day and Chin-ups with Leg Raises – aiming for 2 sets of 5 reps.  These will increase as I become more able.  

My aim is to get ahead of the curve in all areas so that when I hit a bump in the road – I will not fall behind.