On May 31st, I posted Cancer – HIV – Sugar. A Reader commented that there had been a German scientist who discovered the Cancer – Sugar connection back in the 1930’s.  I stumbled upon the following Article:

Studies have shown the use of a ketogenic diet causes a reduction in blood glucose, an elevation in blood ketones, and extends life in mouse models of malignant brain tumors,” said Dr. Scheck, associate professor in neuro-oncology research and the Barrow Brain Tumor Research Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute.

Scheck said both mice and human studies have shown the ketogenic diet can inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

This phenomenon was first observed in the 1920s by German physiologist Otto Warburg, who won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for discovering that cancer cells have defective mitochondria and thrive on sugar.

 The “Warburg effect” can be exploited by the ketogenic diet, but this approach has historically not been used to fight cancer. But the tide is gradually turning.

Cancer researchers say a major advantage to ketogenic diet therapy is it’s not expensive like chemo, nor does it drastically reduce the patient’s quality of life.

The diet can also easily be added into current brain tumor treatment without the red tape of FDA approval. Dr. Scheck is currently conducting clinical trials to explore the efficacy of ketogenic diet therapy.

Which Pharmaceutical company is going to put money behind a study that might show that drugs are not needed?  There is no profit motive to spur on research.  What a shame.