I have no – that is right NO – recent study to report.  We know that in Pop Culture – Exercise and weight loss are inextricably linked.  You can’t have one without the other.  What follows is a personal experience.  You draw your own conclusion.

During the entire year of 2014, I was hampered by an ever increasing amount of pain and limitation in my right hip.  I knew it needed to be surgically fixed – I just did not want to do it.  I asked my Doctor to just keep me going.  Various meds helped but did little to allow me to exercise completely.  One by one, I eliminated various exercises or reduced the weights.

What follows is an relatively accurate tracking of my weight – you see – I record my weight almost every morning at the same time.

January 1, 2014, after a New Year’s eve party indulgence, I weighed in at 184.  By the the 10th I was back down to 180.5 – nice.

During November of 2014, leading up to my surgery on December 17th, I tightened up my diet.  During this same time, my ability to exercise strenuously was decreasing.  On the morning of December 17th – my surgery day, I weighted 174.  In part because of the limitations imposed by the impending surgery.

December 16th was the last day I exercised.  Post surgery – my weight went up to 180.9 and down to 176.4.  New Years morning 2015, I weighed 178.3 and on January 4th – 175.9.  Felt good – I was able to keep my weight below 180. 

Then the proverbial shit hit the fan.  That night, I fell.  Smashed the entire hip replacement at about 6pm the night of January 4th.  EMTs – to the local hospital.  Pain beyond pain.  Pain meds – almost ineffective. The next day – shipped down to hospital in the City and on the 6th had Revision Surgery.   

I was in that hospital until Saturday January 10th, when I was transferred to a Rehabilitation Hospital.  I was there until released on Wednesday January 28th.  During this entire period of time, I had no control over my food.  Most of the hospital food was Carbs along with a lot of sweets and candy brought by well wishers.  My only exercise was rehabing my right leg.  

I could not put any weight on my right leg until February 28th.  The Physical Therapist came to the house.  I utilized a walker and had a lot of help.  My activity level was next to zero.

On January 29th,  the day after I came home, I weighed 178.1.  I was thrilled.  By February 28th, I weighed 168.5 – the lowest weight I’ve been in an untold number of years.  On that day, the Surgeon said: “Stop using the walker and start putting weight on your right leg.”

Since March 1, 2015 – it has been a long climb back.  I started with Physical Therapy 3 times a week. On March 12th, I went back to the gym,  I weighed 170.1 that morning.  90 pounds less than I weighed on March 12, 2007 – the day I first went back to the gym and started dieting.  On March 18th the 52DC started – and I was BACK.

BTW – the prosthetic built into my leg – my new ball joint – weighs about 2 pounds.  

The amount of strength lost was amazing – beyond anything I could imagine.  I was unable to do most exercises and the weights – lower than the day I first started exercising 8 years earlier.  I was shocked.

Since then – it has been a long climb back.  I was discharged from Physical Therapy on May 1st.  At that time I weighed 172.  Since then – 6 days a week – at the gym working hard on regaining my strength.

And here’s the rub – I’ve regained about 70% of my lost strength.  The Price Paid – this morning i weighed 178.  I still weigh below 180 and factoring in the 2 pound prosthetic – even better.

I have not taken any measurements – except for the way my clothing fits.  My pants got tighter and my shirts got roomier while my weight went down.  While my weight has gone back up – my pants have gotten looser and my shirts have gotten tighter. 

I don’t know if this is an excuse or reality – but the conclusion I’ve drawn – my weight loss was overwhelmingly muscle loss.  My weight gain – has been a regaining of muscle mass.

What does this prove – I’ve got no idea – but maybe – just maybe – exercise has nothing to do with weight loss – and those that lecture us on getting our sorry overweight arses into the gym – are all wrong.