What follows is my every morning warm up and stretches prior to both a resistance or cardio workout.I start with 100 Swiss Ball Crunches.


Then slide into 15 Swiss Ball Pelvic Raises.

swiss ball pelvic thrust

Put the Swiss Ball away and get down on the floor.  The first floor movement is the Cat/Camel stretch derived from a Yoga Pose.

Cat Camel

Then time for a kneeling sideways stretch.  This is as close a picture as I could find.  My non-supporting hand is behind my head and I twist so that my elbow is pointed under my body and then to the ceiling.  I do 10 on each side.

Kneeling Twist

Move into a Glute leg lift.  10 for each leg.


Added the Bird Dog as an alternate to the Glute Leg Lift.


And from there into a Plank for 60 Seconds.plank

Time for a prayerful stretch – hold that for 30 seconds.  Happy I can do this – since putting my leg in this position was forbidden during the early part of my recovery.

prayer stretch

Flip over onto my back and do 10 Pelvic Lifts/Bridges with both feet on the ground followed by 10 with one leg in the air and end with 10 of the other leg in the air.  This ends my morning warm up.

glute Bridge A

Glute bridge B