Happy Hoofer from the 52DC sent me this Link to a blog article about Hip Flexor Stretches.  Although the Blog is part of Foundation Training – and yes they are selling something – still the information is good and the Hip Flexor exercises are interesting.

My research team and I evaluated all the hundreds of kinematic and kinetic variables that can be measured in a sophisticated 3-D motion analysis force plate instrumented gait laboratory. You might think that we found a lot of age-related differences, but actually, and rather surprisingly, we found just one. As we get older, we don’t extend the hip of our trailing leg as far backwards as we once used to. We found this in multiple studies (listed below) and in multiple populations where the reduction in hip extension was exaggerated even further in various disease populations as well as in frail elderly people who are at risk for falls.

I went in search of various Hip Flexor stretches – they are myriad. The Classic Runners Stretch incorporates the Hip Flexor as do some of the warm up exercises I already do.  Yoga is replete with them.  Still there is value in the way they attack the stretch. Check out this video.

The value of the 52 Day Challenge is -in part- the sharing of information.  Thank you Happy Hoofer.