Another Challenge ends.  52 Days of tracking my progress towards the goals I set on Day One.  I’ve done every Challenge since the Summer of 2008 except for this past Winter Challenge which I spent recovering from surgery.  A quick look at the math – 35 Challenges in the bag.  Not too shabby – not too shabby at all.

My Final Numbers for the Summer 2015 Challenge.
  • Clean Eats: 99 out of a possible 104 units – my goal was 96 (103.13%) 
  • Resistance Training: 22 workouts – my goal was 20 (110%) 
  • Cardio Training: 22/20 (110%) 
  • Push-ups: 2610/2600 (100.38%) 
  • Chin-ups: 530/260 (203.85%) 
  • Weight Loss: 0.0/8.7 (0.0%)  A total failure – I’ve really got to review my eating and rein it in.

I’m particularly happy with the Chin-ups.  I’m pretty much back to where I was – but – the leg lift component needs work.  This is a Work In Progress.  I stay away from Pull-ups since they strain my rotator cuff.  I may – the operative word is may – try to phase them in – slowly.

Not going to increase my push-up goal since this tends to undermine other exercises.

I’ve got to re-think/design my resistance workout.  More focus on the lower body and balance.  A lot of work to be put in for the next Challenge.

Yesterday was the Last Day of the Challenge.  The next one starts on August 12th.  I went to the gym this morning and did a Cardio workout.  Can’t stop this train.