Eating a Very Low Carb High Fat (ketogenic) diet meant increasing dietary fats.  The question has always been which fat?

Over the last 40 some odd years – we have been instructed to decrease and limit Saturated fat and replace this with Polyunsaturated fats from vegetables.  Try to buy a product without Soybean Oil.  Almost impossible.

I’ve limited vegetable oils and switched to Coconut Oil and Olive Oil.  Why – because I was concerned with the balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6.  I’ve even switched to Canola oil when I need to deep fat fry or when I want an over-the-counter Mayonnaise. It is not the best – but not the worst.  Now there is a new argument against vegetable oils.  They may be worse than Fructose in negatively impacting weight and diabetes.

Check out this Article in UCR Today:

Soybean Oil Causes More Obesity Than Coconut Oil and Fructose

UC Riverside scientists found mice on high soybean oil diet showed increased levels of weight gain and diabetes compared to mice on a high fructose diet or high coconut oil diet

The scientists fed male mice a series of four diets that contained 40 percent fat, similar to what Americans currently consume. In one diet the researchers used coconut oil, which consists primarily of saturated fat. In the second diet about half of the coconut oil was replaced with soybean oil, which contains primarily polyunsaturated fats and is a main ingredient in vegetable oil. That diet corresponded with roughly the amount of soybean oil Americans currently consume.

The other two diets had added fructose, comparable to the amount consumed by many Americans. All four diets contained the same number of calories and there was no significant difference in the amount of food eaten by the mice on the diets.

The really fun conclusion – eating coconut oil was better than eating soybean oil or fructose.  The mice gained less weight and showed less negative impact:

Compared to mice on the high coconut oil diet, mice on the high soybean oil diet showed increased weight gain, larger fat deposits, a fatty liver with signs of injury, diabetes and insulin resistance, all of which are part of the Metabolic Syndrome.

The actual study was published on July 22, 2015 in the journal POS ONE.  If you are a Science Nerd – enjoy the read.

It is nice to know that my attempt to limit products with soybean oil and other vegetable oils was not for naught. Once again we are confronted with governmental nutrition dictates that have led us astray.