The Fall 2015 52 Day Challenge starts this Wednesday, August 12th.

Since the Summer Challenge ended, I’ve loosened the ties that bind my behavior – just a bit.  The past couple of weeks I’ve exercised but have not really done much to push myself. The push-ups and chin-ups are more of a catch as catch can. My eating – well – I’ve enjoyed a few diversions.

So – time to gird up my loins and get ready for the upcoming Challenge.

My Goals are pretty straight forward:

Clean Eating: 96 units out of a possible 104

Resistance Training: 20 workouts

Cardio Training: 20 workouts – these will be done on the Treadmill – with sets of push-ups and chin-ups following the run.

Personal Goal 1: Push-ups – 2,600 – averaging 50 per day – I can squeeze these in at home.

Personal Goal 2: Chin-ups – 520 – averaging 10 a day.  I can only do these at the gym – so some days may be upwards of 20 reps.

Each workout – 6 days a week starts with a warm up.  I posted my Warm-up routine about a month ago.  It has a lot of core exercises built into it.

My RT workout is a bit more demanding.  Spent part of today working on the RT workout Phase 18 of my Design-It-Yourself workouts.  This is a template that I modified from the one in the Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises by Adam Campbell – my bible. Filled in the blanks – taking into consideration my continuing limitations from the hip surgery.  My surgeon said – go for lighter weights and higher reps. Just not sure where to draw the line.  I’ll call 8-10 reps – lighter weights – at least as it impacts my right leg.

Check out my workout and give me your suggestions.  

BTW – give some thought to signing up for the Challenge.  It is a helluva a lot of fun and really keeps you focused without being overtaxing. Here is the Link to the Sign Up Thread.  Hope to see you there.