post-milestone-1000-2xThis is my One Thousandth Post – Wow!  When I started writing this Blog is was part of the 52DC and was intended to be an expansion of the daily Challenge posts.  Several others were doing it and it looked like a way to keep my focus on the game. But those Posts were over run by Spammers and it had to stop.  A few of us transitioned to freestanding blogs. Of those, only a few survive.

I never intended this Blog to be a money-maker.  I do not host advertisers or ask for contributions.  The advertisements you see are the price we pay for an otherwise “free” blog through WordPress.

If you trace back to the earliest posts and pages, you will see how I changed as I read and experienced more about both Fitness and Diet.  That evolution will continue – I hope.  Now on to the Topic of the Day.

Seven Reasons to Give Up Sugar was posted on Rodale’s Organic Life and re-posted by Men’s Health.  Both are Rodale publications but Organic Life and it’s predecessor was the start of Rodale.  It is its roots.  Here are the 7 Reasons:

  1. You’re Overdosing
  2. It’s Tricking Your Brain
  3. It Accelerates Aging
  4. It Causes “Brown” Tissues
  5. It Fattens Your Liver
  6. It’s Addicting
  7. It Causes Artery Trouble

None of this is a surprise.  The article quotes from endocrinologist Robert Lustig, MD, author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease, to support the concept that “Sugar was always meant to be a treat, not an everyday thing. ‘The last time I checked, birthday cake was for birthdays, and birthdays come once a year.”

I have the long view on this topic.  I remember when Sugar and Sweet treats – were exactly that – a Treat. Deserts were a piece of fruit.  I also remember when that changed as more and more snacks where available at the supermarket.  Slowly and then faster – more sweet things showed up on our kitchen table.  

My Girth expanded and expanded.  As young as 14, I started dieting.  It was both more difficult and less confusing in the late 50’s.  The pediatrician gave the advice – cut back on the portion sizes – and limit sweets – breads and pastas.  I lost weight – no problem.  I just did not have any real knowledge.

The next go round was heading into college – I followed the same game plan and lost weight.  I gained it back and then some.

While in graduate school and married, my wife and I joined Weight Watchers.  It was VERY different in 1968 then it is now.  There were no WW foods.  It was actually a calorie restricted diet by telling you what you could eat and the portion sizes.  Lost a Ton – got down to skinny – and I do mean skinny – no muscles just skinny.

But now the Low Fat mantra started to become a dominant factor.  Fat was out.  Low Fat foods were in. Saturated Fat a/k/a steak was out.  Skinless Chicken breasts were in.  Low Fat alternative highly processed foods were in – who knew they had a high sugar (carb) content – not me.

Up and down the scale. Hated the foods I was forced to eat. Could not maintain my weight.  I was either losing or gaining – even with plenty of gym time.

This time around I switched gears to Low Carb. I read and read and learned.  The four fighters where in their corner:  Fighter No 1:  A Balanced diet – whatever the hell that meant.  Fighter No 2:  Low Fat Diet.  Fighter No 3: Low Carb Diet.  Fighter No 4: Vegetarian.  Every other diet is a variation on the theme from these 4 – be it Paleo, Whole Foods, organic, gluten free and all the rest.

Today – I am back almost where I started.  Sweets are a distinct Treat.  They happen – just not all that often – so when we do indulge – we can enjoy the distinctiveness of the treat.  Makes it all taste that much better.