I workout at a Retro Fitness.  Not a bad place.  This one has a pretty good selection of free weights and resistance equipment. Yes – it has a lot of Cardio machines – but no where like some of the other places.  

This location just rehabbed.  It switched the underused Cardio-Movie theater to a smaller venue while making the old theater into a larger “classroom.”  The old classroom is now a larger warm up room.  All the machines have been moved around – enough to make you a bit crazy.

With all these changes it added a Sled area. The Flavor of the Day. No one uses this – at least while I workout early in the am.  Still it’s calling my name.

Although not the exact same piece of equipment – this is close.  You can push or pull.


Here is a YouTube video of a sled workout.  Check it out.

Tomorrow is a Cardio day.  I’m going to try it out.  Maybe.  I’ll report back.