This morning was Cardio.  We started with our normal warm up and then I did 20 minutes on the Treadmill.  Pretty happy that I am up to a fast walk at 4 mph and getting my heart rate up into the 120’s.  May take it to a slow run in a month or so.

Then I went to the sled.  There it was – alone and unused.  It had 45 & 35 pound plates on it.  I left them.  Hooked up what i thought would be the Shoulder harness – No way.  It is either for a midget or used as a Bear Crawl pull.  I grabbed the ends and pulled facing forward.  Not an upright walk but a bent over pull.  Not hard – but not easy.  

At the end of the run, I threw the straps on the sled and pushed it back to the starting point.  This was a bit more difficult.  I did this several times and then did my Chin-ups – 10-5-5-5.

Next time, I’m going to use the long straps – standing facing the sled and pulling it towards you.

I can see where the sled workout could be of value – once you know the weight you need and which muscle groups you want to work. Doing it fast and in succession will be a good Cardio workout. It will take a couple of more times to get it right.